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For all LoTW missing Zone Questions read this section

A large number of inquiries concerning LoTW confirmations that are the result of paper cards that were accepted by DXCC but are not being accepted by LoTW for WAZ awards are still being received. There are several possibilities that can cause these errors to occur.

The first possibility is the QSO date. All WAZ Awards have a starting date and QSOs with dates prior to the starting date of the award will not be accepted by LoTW or by the WAZ Award Manager. The only way to correct this error is to submit another QSO that is within the correct date range.

The second possibility is caused by the absence of the CQ Zone number in paper card applications for DXCC, WAZ, or VUCC awards. Because there is no CQ Zone data in the paper card applications for these awards, LoTW will be unable to create a QSL match for these QSOs. The only way to correct this error is to submit either an all paper card or hybrid application for a 40 Zone or Basic WAZ award. The application must contain a conformations from any acceptable the QSL source, and if a paper card or cards are use they must be submitted using a using a digital WAZ application. To use the digital WAZ application please read the information on submitting WAZ applications using the digital WAZ application found on this website prior to submitting the application.

The third possibility is a result of a missing or incorrect CQ Zone number in TQSL. When completing the Station Location form TQSL if the CQ Zone is left blank this will result no WAZ matches for the QSO because LoTW must know the CQ Zone to create a QSL match. However, if the CQ Zone number that was entered into the CQ Zone field of the Station Location Form is for the incorrect Zone this will result in a match for the incorrect Zone. For example, if someone living in British Columbia which is in ITU Zone 2 and CQ Zone 3 accidently reverses the two Zone Numbers when completing the Station Location, it will appear that a QSO was made from CQ Zone 2 instead of Zone 3. This will result in a Zone match but for the incorrect Zone. It may not be possible to correct either of these to conditions using LoTW, and the use of an alternate form of QSL will be required. In this case if a paper card or card is used it must be submitted using the digital WAZ application that was described in the preceding paragraph.

The LoTW programming has been modified in such a way that should prevent the missing or incorrect zone errors when a QSO is uploaded to LoTW in the future. You will need to contact the author of your logging software to determine if the code that they use to create the LoTW upload file includes the MY_CQ_ZONE field. If it does it will be necessary for you to ensure that your logging software has the correct zone information. However, if the LOTW_QSLRDATE for the QSO in question is prior to the date of the LoTW code changes, it may be necessary to use an alternate form of QSL.

Please contact the CQ WAZ Award Manager by email for assistance with any of these issues. If you have the paper cards to replace the incorrect QSLs in LoTW and would like to use them please read the information on submitting WAZ applications using the digital WAZ application found on this website.


Answers to other Frequently Asked Questions

All Amateur Radio opeators may now use LoTW to track and apply for CQ WAZ Awards. For those who are not familiar the CQ Award Program please visit the CQ Website. The menu links to the CQ Awards are on the left side of the page. The WAZ rules page contains rules in several languages, application forms, and a current listing of the five WAZ Awards that may be endorsed for additional zones. If you would like to receive a WAZ information packet by email please send an email to john@kc5lk.com with "WAZ info packet" as the subject line.

If you are looking for help in configuring your LoTW account for use with WAZ, or preparing WAZ applications select the "CQ WAZ Award" tab on the menu bar above then select "LoTW-WAZ help" from the drop down menu. If you want to update your LoTW account using WAZ QSO credits that you obtained by using paper cards or eQSL.cc please read and follow the instructions in The Updating Procedure section of LoTW-WAZ info page. Any updates of your 160M, 6M, Satellite, EME, or 5 Band WAZ award(s) should be done prior to submitting an endorsement application using LoTW as the update will simplify the selection of QSOs.

The use of eQSL.cc has not been affected and no changes to the eQSL application procedure will be needed. LoTW-Admin notifies me when a WAZ Application has been filed but eQSL does not. Please notify me by email when a eQSL application that you wish to use for an award has been filed.

If you are a LoTW user and you wish to use paper cards for any WAZ application and want your WAZ Account Status page to reflect the credits earned from the cards, one additional step has been added to the application procedure. If you do not follow these instructions you will still be awarded a certificate or zone endorsement but your LoTW account will not be upated. Hybrid applications are gladly accepted and may contain any combination of LoTW, eQSL, or paper cards for QSL confirmations. If you submit a hybrid application using paper cards to keep the WAZ Manager happy please follow the instructions on filling out the paper card application found on the LoTW-WAZ info page on this website.

If you would like to contact me about any WAZ related question that you may have, my email address is at the bottom of this page.