My log is uploaded in real time or at the end of each operating session to LoTW, Club Log, and eQSL. Logcheck and QSLing are provided through Club Log. If you choose you may send QSL requests by postal mail or email but you must read and follow the instructions below for non-registered Club Log users.

The Club Log OQRS is the preferred method of requesting a Direct or Bureau QSL Card from KC5LK, KC5LK/M or KA5AFT. If you have uploaded your logs to Club Log preform a log search and request your QSL or QSLs through the Club Log OQRS. If requesting a direct QSL in the PayPal message enter "OQRS request for CALLSIGN" where CALLSIGN is your callsign. If making a SWL request add SWL to the PayPal message. Bureau requests from DX Stations are welcome and will be in my next shipment of Bureau cards. If needed my PayPal account is john@kc5lk.com. My labels are one QSO per card, if ordering 4 or more cards make a new request for each group of 4 QSLs.

If you are not a registered user of Club Log I encourage you to register and upload your log or logs. To learn more about Club Log or to register and upload your log or logs go the Club Log website.

If you are not a user of Club Log you may still request a QSL card or cards without sending a QSL Card by sending an email to john@kc5lk.com with "Email QSL Request" as the subject line. The body of the email list your Callsign, my Callsign (KC5LK, KC5LK/M, or KA5AFT) Date, Time, Band or Frequency, and Mode for each QSO. If the request is either a SWL or Bureau request add that as well. Please note that the Bureau is okay for DX stations not Stateside stations. If you live in the Contiguous 48 States you are not DX for me, no Bureau requests please. If requesting a Direct card or cards the fee is $2.00 for each group of 4 cards and can be paid to my PayPal account john@kc5lk.com and in the PayPal message enter "OQRS request for CALLSIGN" where CALLSIGN = your Callsign.

If you would like to send your QSL Request by Postal or Snail Mail use the following guidelines. For US stations you must include either a SASE with one unti of First Class postage or a SAE with $1.00 for each group of 4 Cards to my addess listed below or your request will not be answered. If you live outside the US use either a SASE with one unit of US First Class postage or SAE with $2.00 USD for each group of 4 cards to my address listed below. A DX card received without either will be returned via the buro.

Mail all QSL requests to my home address:
       John Bergman
       125 Deer Trail
       Brandon MS 39042-9409